Buying a New Website? How Do You Know if You Are Paying Too Much?

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The salesperson that never sleeps, the right website should capitalise on leads and offer a simple and prosperous customer experience.

The single most important marketing tool for your business, a website is the backbone of your online presence and the driving force behind all of your online communications, content, and advertisement.

When aiming to build credibility for your brand or sell your services, a website is an ideal start, middle and endpoint to achieve this. Not only does it record every bit of data for future use, but your website also functions as a 24-hour salesperson, working hard to communicate with potential customers, capitalise on leads and increase brand awareness.

As an essential component to your business structure and success, it makes sense to invest in an effective and advantageous site, but how can you avoid paying too much?

Know what you need

When starting the process of creating a new website, it is essential you have a clear understanding of what you want it to look like and what you want it to do for your business. Identifying the purpose and ideal functioning, such as whether it will operate as an e-commerce site, require integrations or stand only as a pillar of information, will greatly affect the price and what it can offer consumers who land there. Establishing the main goal before reaching out to a website designer or developer will ultimately save time and leave you less vulnerable to upselling and possible manipulation.

Prioritise functionality over aesthetic

The first interaction a customer has with your brand is usually through your website, so it is important to leave a positive impression and do your brand name justice. In order to do this, it all comes down to user experience, if your site is hard to navigate, your customers are going to bounce right off it, affecting conversion rates and the overall credibility of your brand. This, however, is good news for your budget. While it can be tempting to have a website that is aesthetically impressive and contains all the elements to wow the consumer, these features can quickly rack up the bill and cause a complicated navigation experience. Therefore, choosing to keep the functionality simple and the aesthetic clean is the perfect combination for a lucrative, budget-friendly website.

Invest in a reliable website designer/developer

When investing in such a significant part of your business, it is important to take your time in choosing a website design and developing team who are willing to meet your requirements, openly collaborate with you and offer realistic time frames.

With years of experience, AM Group has discovered an ideal process that maximises efficiency and efficacy, all while allowing you to be a part of each stage, expressing your opinions, concerns and approval. We have found this is the most effective way to build a website, we don’t just jump straight into the creation, we think about your objectives and requirements to avoid wasting your time and money going back and forth.

From start to launch in just eight weeks, we conduct an initial meeting to gain a thorough understanding of the purpose and ideal functioning of your new website, before building out the structure and offering an easy to follow blueprint of the site pages, layout, and navigation. From there, we offer the use of our Creative Copywriter to populate your website with engaging and relevant content. Once this is completed and approved, we move on to the design and development phases. Once we have brought your ideal website to life, we stay with you through the testing, launch and post-launch stages to ensure everything is working correctly and you are able to get the most out of your newest, most valuable marketing platform.

If you are interested in creating an online presence that enables your customers to reach you more readily, contact us today and we will initiate a kick off meeting where we can offer a competitive proposal, specific to your needs.


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