How we Conquered 2020 & Won Big at the Local Business Awards

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An amazing night at the Local Business Awards saw AM Group beat out a huge list of worthy finalists to take home the award for the best Professional Service in the area.

On Tuesday 27th of October, AM Group attended the Camden Local Business Awards with high hopes and a quiet confidence that we were in for a chance of winning the award for the best Professional Service in the area. As our category was announced and the finalists were named, we realised it was easily the biggest list of the night and our confidence started to shake. However, the local residents had spoken and the board had decided that AM Group was worthy of the win! 

What makes AM Group the best Professional Service in the Camden area? In order to be awarded the title, we had to receive enough votes to be considered a finalist before a board of judges decided our fate, a decision that was based on the growth of our business, what we stand for and our overall commitment to our clients and the local community. 

We see this award as the ultimate recognition of who we are and what we’ve achieved so far. Since our inception in 2018, AM Group has experienced rapid growth, hiring new team members, obtaining new clients and increasing our revenue by tenfold. Our evolution is due to how we set ourselves apart with an approach like no other marketing company. Our diligence and dedication spawn from true partnerships, rather than from a sense of obligation. We believe the success of our business is reflected only by that of the success of our clients.  

Our promise to be a partner, rather than an agency, has never been more evident or necessary than it was during 2020. Whilst many struggled to keep up with the challenges, AM Group was able to adapt and come out the other side better than ever. The loyalty we showed our clients throughout the chaos caused by COVID-19 is something we, as a business, are extremely proud of. The economic effect of this time meant some of our clients had to dramatically strip back their budgets, with marketing being a necessity many could no longer afford. However, we knew marketing was more important than ever before, therefore, we worked ourselves to the bone and even offered our services for free to keep our clients thriving and their customers aware of their continued operation. 

Our service extends well beyond what we offer our clients, at AM Group, we are constantly giving back to our local community, supporting numerous cafes and restaurants during team and client meetings, as well as hiring independents for team building activities. We also put a lot of time and effort into advocating for the up and coming marketers of our area through a prominent Internship Program that helps prepare them for a successful career in the industry. We believe these qualities, along with our evolution from a business of two operating from garages and local cafes to a lucrative company, is what made us stand out from the extensive list of finalists at this year’s Local Business Awards.

If you’re interested in acquiring a marketing team that is solely committed to your success, contact us today or follow us on Instagram @yourmarketingpartner to learn more about our amazing team and list of clients. 


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