How to Create a Fun & Dynamic Work Environment; Our 7 Happiness Habits

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A business with happy employees is more likely to achieve an optimal level of performance, improved productivity, higher morale and overall loyalty.

When thinking about what his ideal workplace looked like, AM Group’s founder, Zaid came to the conclusion it was a place where no matter the workload, he could still be happy. With this in mind, he decided to focus on creating a culture where employees are able to enjoy their time whilst bringing the best level of performance possible.

In order to do this, AM Group implemented seven happiness habits that are as essential to our workday as our team meetings.

1. Exercise
Nothing clears the mind like an endorphin rush! At AM Group, we all lead healthy lifestyles, ensuring that we’re active and moving our bodies every day, whether that be with a walk to get our daily caffeine fix or our monthly group yoga classes and gym sessions.

2. Diet
To fuel your mind, you must fuel your body. Each AM Group employee has access to quick, easy and lifestyle-friendly recipes, with each team member having the opportunity to offer their favourite, go-to meals.

3. Sleep
An obvious one, but arguably one of the most important! Getting at least 8 hours of sleep means our team is rested and ready to take on a new day, offering fresh and innovative ideas to our clients in order to ensure their campaigns are a success.

4. Sun
At AM Group, we think Vitamin D is the best medicine, just 15 minutes of sun can go a long way in brightening up our day. With our new and improved office space, we’re taking advantage of our balcony regularly, with team lunches and morning meetings, or even going out on the egg chair and sun lounges to rest and reset after soaking up the sun.

5. Read
As experts in our field, we’re passionate about bettering our skills and becoming more well-rounded marketers! In order to stimulate our minds and encourage productive conversation, every quarter, our team takes part in the AM Group book club. As a group, we’re making our way through the top 10 marketing books to better immerse ourselves in every aspect of the industry.

6. Activities
At AM Group, we’re more than colleagues, we consider ourselves a family! Therefore, every quarter we take part in activities that work to strengthen our bond, better our communication and encourage a happy work-life balance, from mini-golf and barefoot bowls to cocktail making lessons and Pinot & Picasso classes.

7. Party
Finally, we believe in celebrating our successes. Therefore, you’ll find AM Group at our office bar most Fridays after work, cheersing another productive week, or at a restaurant enjoying good food and each other’s company. To top it all off, the yearly AM Group Christmas Party is one celebration that isn’t to be missed!

Since its inception, AM Group has centred its operation around this idea, carefully building a marketing team who have the attributes the company embodies and working hard to prosper a fun, creative and dynamic environment where they can flourish.

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